Kruger Warehouse

This 500,000 square foot warehouse is said to be the largest single level, single roof building to be built in the Lower Mainland in one phase. This large project presented some unique problem solving to overcome its size and design an efficient warehouse.

Calculations were completed and Kruger is expected to save over 1,300,000 Kw hours per year from the lighting and control design.

CLAC Office Project

CLAC Office-900Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC)
SML provided electrical consulting services on the Christian Labour Association of Canada's 25,000 sq.ft., two storey headquarters.

It houses approximately thirty-five employees, who in turn run the west coast portion of the union's operations.

Design challenges included category six data cabling
and extensive security requirements.

The Christian Labour Association of Canada is one of this country’s largest independent trade unions.

CLAC is one of the fastest-growing unions in Canada and today represents over 47,000 Canadian workers.