About Us


The history of a company says a lot about the quality of its work.

SML Consultants Ltd. was founded in 1994 by Scott Lecy. Along the way, we maintained our uncompromising reputation for quality, and developed a toolbox of talents and skills that helped us rise to a level that the largest companies in the world now seek and find valuable. In 2003, Scott and Richard Tucker formed the current partnership - SML Consultants Group Ltd.

We literally started with one employee, and have now grown to a team of eight experts who design and produce extremely demanding and complex solutions for companies like Shoppers Drug Mart and Subway among others.

Every year we design more than 120 commercial, retail, light industrial and institutional projects. Our goal has never been to be the biggest, or to manage all types of projects...but we always strive to be the best.

We have very clear plans for the path we follow and our direction. We know our strengths, as well as our limits, and always match our expertise to the project, not the other way around. It has always been a matter of capability and fit.


SCOTT LECY, C.Tech, LEED® AP+, Principal

Scott has 30 years of experience in the electrical industry. He oversees each phase of the project and is responsible for each facet of development, including but not limited to costing, budgets and electrical design. Scott is a LEED® accredited professional and maintains his credentials through ongoing education.

Scott's scope of work has ranged from retail designs including Shoppers Drug Mart bio-medical equipment to design of connections to Langley Concrete Group’s automated concrete pipe manufacturing equipment. Scott has extensive design experience with emergency generators, fire restorations, restaurants, churches, private schools, seniors care facilities and airport work.

Scott combines design and functionality while understanding both the clients’ needs and construction procedures.

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Richard Tucker, LC, LEED® AP+, Vice President

In 2000 Richard brought his 20 years of design experience to SML Consultants Group Ltd. Richard is a LEED® accredited professional and maintains his credentials through ongoing education. He completed his certification with NCQLP and was awarded the designation LC (Lighting Certified) for his lighting expertise. He oversees the development of contract specifications, ensures thorough coordination with the other disciplines, and tailors the documents to each projects’ requirements.

Richard combines his previous experience and current knowledge to create a unique perspective for efficient designs. Richard’s project experience is varied in scope including high voltage substation design, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, shell office and multi-tenant buildings, RCMP facilities, and high tech office and government office fit outs. Richard is well versed in design of data and communication systems.

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Sher Deo, Eng.L., P.L.(Eng.), AScT Senior Designer

SML Consultants Group Ltd. is pleased to announce that Sher Deo, Eng L. has completed the APEG requirements for his engineering limited licence.  Sher will continue practicing in the electrical discipline under the field of building services. We look forward to the continued growth of Sher's carrer as he undertakes these new responsibilities.